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Fiscal issues in former Yugoslavian countries

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Fiscal issues in former Yugoslavian countries

Crnogorac, Marko
DATE : 2019-03-06
UNESCO SUBJECT : 5301 Política Fiscal y Hacienda Publica Nacionales ; 5301.02 Hacienda Pública (Presupuesto)
DOCUMENT TYPE : doctoralThesis


Secessions can lead to various outcomes when it comes to building new countries. The path that they follow can sometimes lead them into a better future or an even greater depression. One of these secessions happened in the early 1990’s when the Former Yugoslavia broke apart. Now when there is enough time distance to look on the consequences of separation and the current state of all former republics. We intend to show how they developed after the secession by taking a view on fiscal performances. Furthermore, the perception of all countries as a group will contribute significantly to the current literature that is scarce on this topic. The results have the potential to 1) help understand the current economic situation, 2) give significant recommendations for future policies and 3) help converge the fiscal policies to the fiscal rules of the EU.

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