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Phase-stepped additive stroboscopic fiber optic TV holography for vibration analysis

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Show simple item record Fernández Doval, Ángel Manuel Fernández Fernández, José Luis Perez-Martinez Perez-Amor, Mariano Jesus Valera, Jesus D. R. Jones, Julian D. C. 2019-05-06T11:27:49Z 2019-05-06T11:27:49Z 1994-11-15
dc.description.abstract A novel technique for out-of-plane vibration analysis combining synchronous phase-stepping with additive stroboscopic TV holography and its implementation on a fiber optic electronic speckle pattern interferometer (FOESPI) are presented. Stroboscopic pulse-to-pulse (high frequency) as well as TV frame-to-frame (low frequency) phase-stepping of the reference arm are combined, with this scheme position of additive fringes is shifted yielding a series of frames (correlograms) which are then processed using conventional phase-stepping algorithms to obtain a phase-map of the vibrating object. A restriction of this technique, taking only two contrast-inverted correlograms for sequential subtraction, is also demonstrated for real-time visibility enhancement of additive fringes. spa
dc.language.iso eng spa
dc.title Phase-stepped additive stroboscopic fiber optic TV holography for vibration analysis spa
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dc.rights.accessRights openAccess spa
dc.identifier.doi 10.1117/12.194325
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dc.publisher.departamento Física aplicada spa
dc.conferenceObject.type Comunicación extensa internacional spa
dc.identifier.conferenceObject "Optical Measurements and Sensors for the Process Industries" - Optics for Productivity in Manufacturing, Frankfurt, Alemania, 20-22 junio 1994 spa
dc.subject.unesco 3311.11 Instrumentos Opticos spa
dc.subject.unesco 2209.07 Holografía spa
dc.subject.unesco 2201.11 Vibraciones spa 2019-04-24T17:33:12Z

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