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Obstacle-Aware Indoor Pathfinding Using Point Clouds

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Obstacle-Aware Indoor Pathfinding Using Point Clouds

Díaz Vilariño, Lucía; Boguslawski, Pawel; Khoshelham, Kourosh; Lorenzo Cimadevila, Henrique Remixio
DATE : 2019-05-19
UNESCO SUBJECT : 1203.25 Diseño de Sistemas Sensores


With the rise of urban population, updated spatial information of indoor environments is needed in a growing number of applications. Navigational assistance for disabled or aged people, guidance for robots, augmented reality for gaming, and tourism or training emergency assistance units are just a few examples of the emerging applications requiring real three-dimensional (3D) spatial data of indoor scenes. This work proposes the use of point clouds for obstacle-aware indoor pathfinding. Point clouds are firstly used for reconstructing semantically rich 3D models of building structural elements in order to extract initial navigational information. Potential obstacles to navigation are classified in the point cloud and directly used to correct the path according to the mobility skills of different users. The methodology is tested in several real case studies for wheelchair and ordinary users. Experiments show that, after several iterations, paths are readapted to avoid obstacles.

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