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Honey: chemical composition, stability and authenticity

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Honey: chemical composition, stability and authenticity

Escuredo Pérez, Olga; Seijo Coello, María del Carmen
DATE : 2019-11-15
UNESCO SUBJECT : 3104.01 Apicultura ; 3206.09 Valor Nutritivo ; 3309 Tecnología de Los Alimentos


This Special Issue contains innovative research papers on the characterization, chemical composition and physical properties of honey. This constitutes very useful information to avoid frauds and to guarantee the authenticity of this food product. The knowledge of the particularities of honey is increasingly demanded by beekeepers and consumers, and also by labs to typify honeys according to their botanical origin and to check their quality. Melissopalynological, sensorial and physicochemical techniques are being used to study the characteristics of honeys samples from different plant sources and geographical areas. The combination of these analytical techniques with mathematical and statistical methods or chemometrics allows researchers to identify a set of variables or individual parameters that define independent samples, providing a practical solution to classify honey according to the geographical or the botanical origin.

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