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Automatic optical reading of passport information

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Automatic optical reading of passport information

Martín Rodríguez, Fernando
DATE : 2014
UNESCO SUBJECT : 3304.05 Sistemas de Reconocimiento de Caracteres
DOCUMENT TYPE : conferenceObject


Nowadays, automatic reading of passport information has become an important security issue in airports and border control. This is implemented including electronic devices on passports that allow a reliable and fast reading. Our purpose with this system is to reinforce the electronic reading adding an optical reading system. This optical system could be used to read old passports that do not have the electronic system (still in use in many countries) and it could be also used to provide an additional security measure: comparing the data from electronic chip to those written on the passport. This system could also have less critical uses, such as getting fast the personal information in a hotel check-in or other similar situations.

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