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Virtual reality system for industrial training

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Virtual reality system for industrial training

Martínez Oliveira, David; Castro Cao, Sandra; Fernández Hermida, Xulio; Martín Rodríguez, Fernando
DATE : 2007
UNESCO SUBJECT : 1203.17 Informática ; 1203.04 Inteligencia Artificial
DOCUMENT TYPE : conferenceObject


In this paper, a Virtual Reality Training system for maintenance of industrial equipment is presented. Since equipment are usually designed with CAD tools, it is feasible to create the Virtual Reality model. Despite of the virtual reality system itself, seting up an industrial related training system implies several processes in order to transform initial Computer Aided Design model into interactive models suitable for training processes. Our virtual training system is being developed following two main implementation approachs. On one hand a commercial tool (Eon Professional) is being used. On the other, the same system is being developed using open-source tools. Both approaches are described in this paper.

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