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Generating OER by recording lectures : a case study

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Generating OER by recording lectures : a case study

Llamas Nistal, Martín; Mikic Fonte, Fernando Ariel
DATE : 2014-11


The University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain, has the objective of making all the teaching material generated by its teachers freely available. To attain this objective, it encourages the development of Open Educational Resources, especially videos. This paper presents an experience of recording lectures and generating the corresponding videos as a step toward this objective. The core system used to record lectures is Opencast Matterhorn (free and open-source customizable software to support the management of educational audio and video content). This paper also focuses on the study and analysis of the students' experience of using recorded videos as support for their learning process. This case study was carried out in the Fall 2012 offering of the first-year Computer Architecture course in the University of Vigo's Telecommunication Technologies Engineering program. Finally, the paper addresses students' level of satisfaction with the recorded lectures and gives students' opinions on the use of these videos.

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