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The genus curcuma and inflammation: overview of the pharmacological perspectives

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The genus curcuma and inflammation: overview of the pharmacological perspectives

Rahaman, Md. Moshiur; Rakib, Ahmed; Mitra, Saikat; Tareq, Abu Montakim; Emran, Talha Bin; Shahid-Ud-Daula, A. F. M.; Amin, Mohammad Nurul; Simal Gandara, Jesus
DATE : 2020-12-30
UNESCO SUBJECT : 3209 Farmacología ; 5101.13 Medicina Tradicional ; 3309.20 Propiedades de Los Alimentos


The Curcuma genus has been extensively used for therapeutic purposes in traditional or folk medicine worldwide, including for its anti-inflammatory activity. Curcuma spp.’s active constituents, such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and terpenoids, can act on various targets in the signaling pathway, restrain pro-inflammatory enzymes, lower the production of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, and reduce oxidative stress, which subsequently suppresses inflammatory processes. Preclinical and clinical studies have reported the predominant anti-inflammatory activity of several Curcuma species. This review provides an overview of the anti-inflammatory effects of different extracts, preparations, and bioactive components in this genus. This analysis may provide a scientific basis for developing new and alternative methods for the isolation of a single entity from this genus to attenuate inflammatory conditions. The Curcuma genus is waiting for researchers interested in developing safe and efficient anti-inflammatory agents for further investigation.

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