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Characterization of phosphate coatings: influence of the acid pickling conditions

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Characterization of phosphate coatings: influence of the acid pickling conditions

Diaz Fernandez, Belén; Novoa Rodriguez, Xose Ramon; Perez Perez, Maria Carmen; Silva Fernandez, Sheila
DATE : 2021-02-23
UNESCO SUBJECT : 3303.07 Tecnología de la Corrosión ; 3312 Tecnología de Materiales ; 3303 Ingeniería y Tecnología Químicas


This research emphasizes the importance of the acid cleaning prior to the phosphate development on high-strength steel rods. It compares the phosphate properties achieved after different acid-pickling conditions. The most common inorganic acids were considered in this study. Additionally, taking into account the environmental and safety concerns of these acids, the assessment of a less harmful organic acid is presented. This study revealed significant differences in the coating morphology and chemical composition whereas no great changes were found in terms of the coating weight or porosity. Thus, hydrochloric and sulfuric acid promote the growth of a Fe-enriched phosphate layer with a less conductive character that is not developed after the pickling with phosphoric acid. The phosphate developed after the citric acid pickling is comparable to that developed after the inorganic acids although with a porosity slightly higher. The temperature of the citric acid bath is an important parameter that affects to the phosphate appearance, composition, and porosity.

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