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Analysis of a poro-thermo-viscoelastic model of type III

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Analysis of a poro-thermo-viscoelastic model of type III

Bazarra García, Noelia; López Campos, José Ángel; López Lago, Marcos; Segade Robleda, Abraham; Fernández García, José Ramón
DATE : 2019-09-29
UNESCO SUBJECT : 1206 Análisis Numérico ; 1202 Análisis y Análisis Funcional


In this work, we numerically study a thermo-mechanical problem arising in poro-viscoelasticity with the type III thermal law. The thermomechanical model leads to a linear system of three coupled hyperbolic partial differential equations, and its weak formulation as three coupled parabolic linear variational equations. Then, using the finite element method and the implicit Euler scheme, for the spatial approximation and the discretization of the time derivatives, respectively, a fully discrete algorithm is introduced. A priori error estimates are proved, and the linear convergence is obtained under some suitable regularity conditions. Finally, some numerical results, involving one- and two-dimensional examples, are described, showing the accuracy of the algorithm and the dependence of the solution with respect to some constitutive parameters.

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