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Biosociological ethodiversity in the social system

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Biosociological ethodiversity in the social system

Coca, Juan R.; Soto, Alberto; Mesquita, Cristina; Lopes, Rui Pedro; Cordero Rivera, Adolfo
DATE : 2021-12
UNESCO SUBJECT : 6303.05 Teoría ; 2408.02 Humana


A comprehensive understanding of human sociality needs to embrace the coevolution of genes and culture. Recent advances in biological research about niche construction by organisms, and the development of the concepts of social niche and ethodiversity, can be integrated into a common approach to understand this coevolution, which implies the interaction between sociology and ecology in an integrative framework of knowledge. In this paper the authors propose such inclusive biosociological and heuristic framework to improve the understanding of the evolution of social niche construction. In addition, it allows a better understanding of the concept of sociotype in non-human organisms and explains some aspects of the social or presocial behavior through the concept of ethodiversity.

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