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Understanding digital marketing basics and actions

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Understanding digital marketing basics and actions

Piñeiro Otero, Teresa; Martínez Rolán, Luis Xabier
DATE : 2016
UNESCO SUBJECT : 5311.05 Marketing (Comercialización)


This chapter provides a technical outline of the basics of online mar- keting. The outline includes an introduction to digital marketing and strategic planning and development. Our contribution offers theoretical and practical insights relative to this growing marketing area, with information on the main areas for which online marketing is particularly suited: (1) the E-commerce section explores different business models and what techniques are used for their development; (2) Web Search Marketing focuses on SEO and SEM, as well as in keyword selection for optimisation; (3) E-mail Marketing offers interesting content to develop a successful newsletter; and (4) Social Media Marketing addresses plan- ning and the most important tools used to maximise communication through social media. In a nutshell, this chapter offers an overview of digital marketing and its strategies for an active and effective Web presence.

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