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Heart of Darkness : Heart Rate Variability on patients with risk of suicide

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Heart of Darkness : Heart Rate Variability on patients with risk of suicide

Méndez Penín, Arturo José; Lado Touriño, María José; Vila Sobrino, Xosé Antón; Rodríguez Liñares, Leandro; Álvarez Alonso, Raúl; García Caballero, Alexandre
DATE : 2013
DOCUMENT TYPE : conferenceObject


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an emerging research field in the study of diverse pathologies, as long as it allows considering another measurement for detecting possible aggravations. The aim of this work is to study the applicability of the analysis of HRV in order to establish if a person is at risk of suffering from suicidal ideation. This work includes the development and testing of a heart rate acquisition and automatic analysis system, with friendly software for clinicians, customized to the necessities of an emergency unit. Furthermore, it includes the analysis of the obtained data with the purpose of assessing possible correlations between HRV parameters and personality impulsive traits. 20 patients and 10 normal cases were selected to develop this pilot study. Results show significant statistical difference (p<0.05) among patients and normal cases for pNN50, IRRR, MADRR, total HRV power, Approximate Entropy and Fractal Dimension.

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