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Energetic certification of University buildings

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Energetic certification of University buildings

Goicoechea Castaño, Maria Iciar; Fenollera Bolíbar, Maria Inmaculada; Patiño Barbeito, Faustino; Rodriguez Rodriguez, Francisco Javier
DATE : 2015
DOCUMENT TYPE : conferenceObject


In order to adapt to the Royal decree 235/2013 on energetic certification of buildings, the University of Vigo meets obliged to realize the all his energetic certification of buildings. The research group INARdesign of the Engineering Project Area promises to carry out the above mentioned work with the support of the Technical Unit of the University of Vigo. For it, it Incorporates in this experience, students who have their only left end of Degree Project. With this work, INARdesign tries to stress the importance that has the formation of the pupil and the acquisition of competences, not only of technical competence in their curricula vitae, but other important as are the soft skills or social skills that are more important than technical one's. With this work it is how students across esta demonstrated practical experience get close to the work world and a vision acquires that they do not know nowadays inside the University. One presents a concrete case of the accomplishment of the energetic certification of the building of the building of the School of MineEngineering.

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